Corporate Branding, Brand Identity

Understanding the web design
& development process.

1. Discover your story

  • Your Message: What do you offer? How do you want your clients and customers to to view you? What is your mission? What is your future vision? What are your goals?
  • Evaluate: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses that currently exist to determining what needs to change and what elements should be remain.

2. Research

  • Study: As a starting point, examine what your current and potential customers think of you. Research who it is you are targeting, and what their expectations are. Identify the latest trends about your brand and its allies.
  • Your Competitors: Evaluating and understanding your competitors strengths and weaknesses can help you determine in what ways your unique products and services are valuable. By analyzing your rivals weaknesses, you can use that information to brand yourself with a different value proposition.

3. Plan of action

  • Growth: Your brand should retains current customers and attract new ideal customers.
  • Communication: Plan the use of your customers preferred methods of communication - whether that means¬†your website, YouTube, B2B publications, social media, mobile searches, or magazines. Use those communication channels to broadcast your brand. It is important to remember the importance today of mobile branding.

4. Build

  • Action: Design, develop and roll out your new or re-branded materials. Consistency is key.

5. Walk the walk

  • Consistency: With consistent communication that portrays your company authentically, your brand will stand the test of time. Ultimately, consistency contributes to brand recognition and customer loyalty.